Massages in Vršovice

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Our offer

  • We offer you the following massages. Please find the full description and pice list below: 
  • Classical Swedish massage
  • Relaxing massage
  • Hawaiian lomi-lomi massage
  • Hot stones massage
  • Ayurvedic massage
  • Cupping
  • Breuss massage
  • Manual face lifting (+ facial treatment)

  • Hot and cold stones face massage (+ facial treatment)

  • Foot reflexology

Classical regeneration (Swedish massage)

It is a classical massage which forms part of European physiotherapy. It,. is also called Swedish massage, as Sweden was the first contry where this massage was described. It focuses on treating muscle problems, but is regenerating and relaxing at the same time. 

30 min 400 CZK
45 min 600 CZK
60 min 750 CZK
90 min 950 CZK

Relaxation massage 

A combination of massage techniques (classical Swedish, Hawaiian lomi lomi, ayurvedic or Chinese, reflexology), which induce a deep relaxation, help remove stress and induce both physical and psychological equlibrium.

30 min                     400 CZK

45 min                      600 CZK

60 min                      750 CZK

90 min                      950 CZK

Lomi lomi - Hawaiian massage

Sometimes also called "Queen of massages" This massage is performed with elbows, forearms, palms and fingers, which causes a deeply relaxing effect, stimulates the lymphatic system and help the body to detoxicate.

30 min    400 CZK

45 min    600 CZK

60 min    750 CZK

90 min    950 CZK

Hot stone massage

Is performed with lava stones, which are heated to 50°C. This technique enables a deep relaxation of the whole muscles and thereafter treating of more problematic and stiff parts is possible. I tis suitable in cold seasons, unsuitable for people sensitive to heat.

45 min 650 CZK
60 min 850 CZK
90 min 1050 CZK


Is an old technique which consists in placing cups (of glass, plastic or silicone) on specific parts. Under the cup a suction is created, which has a positive impact both on stiff muscles and trigger points. This technique can be used also as a part of cellulite treatment. Due to its intensity, we recommend to combine this technique with other kinds of massages.
30 min 400 CZK
45 min 600 CZK
60 min 750 CZK

Breuss massage

 Is especially focused on the spine. For this massage St Johns wort oil is used, which nourishes spinal discs. Along the spine there are also so called Head zones, which are related to ital organs.

Contraindication: pregnancy (unlike other kinds of massages during the whole time), sun exposure after the massage
30 min 400 CZK

Manual face lifting

Is a very fine massage of facial muscles which helps eliminate or reduce mimic wrinkles. The effect can be seen immediately after the first massage, but if the effect is supposed to be long-lasting, it is recommended to have this massage 1-2x a week, 8 - 10 treatments.
60min 650 CZK 

Hot + cold stone facial massage

This technique is more intense than the previous one. It has also detoxyfing effect, as the heat help release toxins, which acelerate the ageing process of the skin and wrinkle formation. The cold stones have a calming effect.
Both facial massages can be followed by a facial treatment according to your skin type.
45min 600 CZK

Foot reflexology

Suitable for tired feet and the whole body regeneration. According to holistic medicine, the foot is related to organs and parts of the body. This way, foot reflexology regenerates and heals the whole body.
30 min 400 CZK

Your massage therapists - Petra a Dejan